Kelly McGuire

“…an Award Winning Texas singer/songwriter that will make you smile, cry, tap your toes, kiss your guitar and call your Momma with his great storylines…” 

Oh sure, there are a lot of guys out there who think they can play Jimmy Buffett songs and make a living at it. And sure, there are some decent singers who play music with that ‘island’ flair made so popular by Buffett. And yes, Kelly McGuire could make a living playing “Margaritaville” ten times a night, but let me inform you of the fabulous difference. Kelly McGuire writes of the coastal life and the oceanic dreams of the hoards of boatsmen who live for full sails and favorable winds. While his songs may be of some far destination, his Texas influence is impossible to disguise, blending a flawless country voice and masterful lyrics full of boundless imagery. McGuire offers two selections, “REDFISH ISLAND” and “CLUB BLONDE” (both on Redfish Island Records) and you can own them today, making you the newest Kelly McGuire fan.

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